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Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) FAQ

Search engine algorithms are the factors bots use to analyze and rank pages that respond to the user’s query. 

A search engine is a tool that helps users search the internet for content or queries in its database using keywords. The results of those queries are listed according to algorithms and then shown on a search engine page (SERP).

 3-6 months with intensive SEO work.

After the crawlers find content, they store the URLs in an index, which is a huge database, such as Google’s Caffeine index. That’s why the crawler has to understand the content of the webpage to make it appear with relevant search keywords. 

It stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of optimizing websites to get organic free traffic or natural ranking in search engines. Since people usually pick the top results, SEO is important to list websites high. 

Search engines work in 3 ways: crawling, indexing, and ranking. 

This is a part that’s driven by backlinks to increase the visibility of your website. Marketers usually perform activities outside the website to boost the website’s ranking. 

Many factors affect on-page and off-page search engine optimization. Those factors include content marketing, so quality engaging content is essential. It also includes the website’s HTML, such as title tags, meta descriptions, and sub-headings. And lastly, it includes how trustworthy is your website, how you avoid spamming sites with your links, and how your content is shared on social media. 

This is the part that’s related to content to ensure it’s relevant to users’ search inquiries. This usually includes targeted keywords that help the website’s content rank higher. 

Like spiders, crawlers are bots that crawl the internet searching for fresh content. This is the discovery phase when webpages, images, videos, or any content is found. 

When a crawler finds a new URL through a webpage, it adds it to the search engine’s index for processing. 

Unlike SEO, search engine marketing uses paid strategies to rank websites higher and increase their visibility on SERPs. Businesses pay for ads to make their websites appear when a user searches for a relevant keyword. Those websites appear at the top of the page with the word “ad”, and businesses are only charged when users click on them. 

But not only do websites appear with SEM, but products can also be listed as carousels, which is another form of paid search ads. 

A search engine page or a SERP is the page of results a user finds when searching for a keyword. Users usually click the top results, that’s why SEO is essential to rank websites at the top. 

This is the final step when bots decide to show information based on their relevance to the user’s query. This is done using search algorithms. 

1- Boosting sales and generating leads 

Since search engines are the main sources of website traffic, and people are constantly searching for similar products and services to what you offer, optimizing your website will make you ahead of the competition and will generate more leads. 

2- Boosting credibility 

Again, as we said, people usually click the first option in a SERP, so having your website at the top creates a sense of credibility that your business is the pioneer in the industry. And on the other hand, if your business appears at the end of the page, it will create a sense that your products are untrustworthy. Plus, people will be less likely to check your website if it appears at the end of the search page. 

3- Improving user experience

SEO helps improve user experience through content quality, easy-to-navigate websites, mobile-friendliness, and website speed. A great user experience affects their buying decisions and results in higher conversion rates.

4- SEO is not paid 

If you optimize your website well enough, you won’t have to pay to advertise for it. Creating an effective SEO strategy will not only increase your website’s traffic but will also make you save money. 

SEO is not paid, but its peer SEM is paid, so let’s talk a bit about SEM

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