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A fresh idea that hasn’t been published anywhere before and appeals to Entasher.com audience. And yes, you can send us your content.
We accept content related to the media and advertising industry. For example - and not limited to:

And whatever comes to your mind that follows the same umbrellas. Confused whether your content matches what we’re looking for or not? Send it over. We’re open to all ideas.


Entasher.com reserves digital rights to articles. Credits are reserved for the writer.

How to Send Work

Super simple. Email us at content@entasher.com with your content, name, and 2 sentences max introducing yourself. Yes, you can attach a photo too. 

Notes to Consider

  1. There are no submission fees.
  2. As part of the submission process, you will be required to warrant that you are submitting your original work.
  3. Content must be plagiarism-free.
  4. You can include links to your resources and state them in your submission.
  5. Your content mustn’t be published elsewhere (even on your blog or social media accounts).
  6. If there are any mistakes or wrong information, entasher.com will not be held accountable.
  7. Entasher.com will not be held accountable or legally responsible for any request for compensation by any party that has viewed, written, reviewed the article.
  8. In case the article does not follow our criteria, unfortunately, it will be declined and the reason for that decision will be sent privately to the writer.

What Happens Next?

Our staff members will review your article for originality, plagiarism, relatability, and structure. If we like your content and see it as a good fit, we’ll publish it on our blog and/or social media.
Make us go wow with your ideas!

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