Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies  how they do it ?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; this is one of the most prominent digital marketing techniques that are sought after for their great success rates.

Businesses tend to ignore the importance of SEO as they still do not understand its importance in promoting their company. In the past couple of years everything has shifted from analog to digital and the center of this shift is in search engines.

Everyone who has an internet connection has searched for something on a search engine like Google, whether it be information, location, pictures, products, services, basically you can search for anything.

Fun fact: 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

What is SEO search engine optimization ?

As mentioned above, everyone with an internet connection has used a search engine to look up something, almost using search engines every day, when individual searches for something many website options are presented and the individual usually opens the top search options to find what they are looking for. If the results are not satisfactory for the individual they get frustrated and click away from the website to go to the next link.

In a research journal academic article titled “Search Engine Optimization: A Study” the authors Patil Swati, Pawar, and Patil Ajay mentioned that Search Engine Optimizers basically understand the most used keywords that individuals use to search for the client’s product or service and utilize them using various strategies to make the client’s webpage get high page ranking for the algorithm to allow the website to show on the top search results that the individual has typed in the search engine.

Having a high page rank allows the client’s website to appear in the top search engine results of the search engine making it easier to access the website for the client. The main aim is to generate high-quality organic traffic to the website to increase the page ranking.

Fun fact: Mobile searches for “where to buy” + “near me” have grown over 200%.

What is SEO search engine optimization ?

How far back does SEO go? What is its history?

Some would say that SEO began with the introduction of the first website in 1991, others would say that it began with the birth of the first search engine between 1993 and 1994. But “officially” it was introduced with the world’s most recognized search engine Google (known back then as BackRub) created by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1997.

Back in 1997 SEO was still a new concept and it started taking off in 1998 when many websites were added to the web. Google saw the chance and started optimizing and updating algorithms to reward websites with high-quality content to appear in the top search results.

But early on there were very loose policies and websites started to spam their webpages with many keywords that misguided the individuals. But algorithm updates and policy updates minimized such black hat SEO techniques.

Fun fact: The first three organic search results get 60% of all traffic from a web search.

How far back does SEO go? What is its history?

Top search engines in the world

Google: The search engine with the highest worldwide market share at around 92.18% (real-world domination).

Bing: this is the second-highest market share with around 8%. It is owned and operated by Microsoft, previously originating as MSN search and Windows live search.

Baidu: the most dominating search engine in China with a worldwide market share of around 7%. While in China its market share is around 74%.

Yahoo: Yahoo comes in 4th place with a market share of around 3%. Yahoo is currently powered by Bing search engine making the search results of both engines very similar.

DuckDuckGo: Ranked at number 7 in search engine market share it is still your best option if you value privacy. No personal data is tracked or saved making it safe.

Top search engines in the world

6 TIPS on how to better utilize SEO

TIP#1: Focus on the relevant KEYWORDS to your company that customers use in search engines.

TIP#2: Having a FEATURED SNIPPET makes the website shoot to the top of the search engine results.

TIP#3: Use HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT on your website to get higher page ranks.

TIP#4: Build both EXTERNAL and INTERNAL LINKS but make sure they are high-quality links to rank as high as possible.

TIP#5: Make your website MOBILE-FRIENDLY since 61% of Google searches are done via mobile devices.

TIP#6: OPTIMISE the URL link make sure they are simple, short, and easy for a search engine to tell what the page is about.

6 TIPS on how to better utilize SEO

4 Reasons why SEO ?

  1.     SEO could increase brand awareness: topping the search results could easily attract more customers that have searched for the product or service that the business provides and get to know more about the company.
  2.    Attract local customers: customers that now know about the existence of the brand because they search for related keywords would be interested in purchasing the product or service that the company provides, especially locals since the SEO used the location to attract more people near the business.
  3.    Build credibility and trust: using SEO correctly and pushing the website to the top of the search results means that the content on the website is of high quality so more customers who access the website will have trust in the product and service since it has high page ranks.
  4.     Using SEO is affordable: SEO would generate high-quality leads and for a very affordable price.

Fun fact: If done right, SEO can drive a 14.6% conversion rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

How much does SEO service cost?

The average cost for SEO service can be between 500$ to 20,000$ per month depending on the type of SEO whether cheap, medium, or even enterprise SEO.

How to find Keywords for SEO?

To have good keywords for SEO there are three main things to focus on, first, the keywords need to be relevant to the content you are sharing, the keywords need to be written from the audience's perspective, and finally, the keywords need to be themed.’s role
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