The smartest way to book indoor advertising spaces most popular heavily traffic like clubs, restaurants, shopping malls and many other popular spots.

Indoor advertising is a direct way to reach your audience

Entasher enables you to book a variety of indoor advertising spaces in different locations across Egypt. From high trafficked shopping malls to popular restaurants, cafes, and clubs; we guarantee your campaigns' effectiveness and frequency without deviation from the allocated budget.

.Our expert consultants offer you insights and recommendations to indoor advertising placing that are meant to get your campaign resonating

Indoor advertising placing is critical to achieving adequate exposure

Whether you are opting for indoor digital signage, display screen, poster, lightbox, booth or kiosk, we make sure you select the plan that fits your objective and budget perfectly.

There is no use of scattering your budget all over the place; our indoor advertising consultants are here to help you leverage resources and implement a successful indoor advertising strategy.

Indoor advertising is the ultimate geo-behavioral targeting

Research shows that indoor advertising is far more effective than other traditional BTL channels. It allows businesses to be present where their consumers are most ready to see them around.

Launching an indoor advertising campaign in the right location is a convenient means through which you can captivate your audience's attention and appeal to them in the right place and context. At Entasher, we know how to launch an impactful, result-driven and cost-effective indoor advertising campaign.

Why book indoor advertising spaces  through Entasher?

- More than 2000 indoor advertising spaces.

- Advertising spaces in the city's most popular spots ; Malls, Clubs, Beaches, Beauty centers, Gyms, Fitness Classes, Hyper Markets, Metro Stations, Cafe's and Resturants

- Easy browsing and smart filtering.

- Creating an indoor advertising campaign in a minute 

- Best prices guaranteed.

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Indoor Advertising FAQ

indoor advertising is a targeted advertising placements on a niche destinations like malls, clubs or hyper markets

indoor advertising channels might be an static light boxes, digital advertising screens, sound announcements ads or indoor activations

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