What is Copywriting types and examples

What is Copywriting types and examples

Copywriting is almost the same as content creation except for one difference; copywriting is done with the purpose of making a sale. It is usually precise and effective. It is a very widely used digital marketing service with almost all industries and businesses using it.

Copywriting is usually used when doing brochures, SEO content, websites, catalogs, and any other content written as marketing material for the business to help boost the business. Copywriting agencies provide high-quality copy as well as guarantee that the content can be adjusted to your liking.

The agencies also provide services such as Content planning, Content strategy, Content creation ( websites- blogs - Ebooks- catalogs- product descriptions - scripts / etc), Copywriting, SEO content writing, Email marketing, Case studies, Proofreading, and editing. 

Copywriting is described as the act of writing a copy which is any content written to make a sale or encourage customers to take action. Copywriting is like a salesman that can reach all the target audience at once for example through billboards, magazines, social media, basically any written content.

It is very crucial that you write a very good copy to be able to attract more people and encourage them to make a purchase thus increasing the convergence rate. An attractive copy would usually include the following three things;

1- what is being sold

2- why you should buy it

3-  what benefits you could get from this product.

Short, attractive and direct to the point, that will encourage people to make a purchase, are the usual traits of a good copy.

Types of copywriting

There are different types of copywriting, and choosing the right type that suits your marketing strategy based on what your business does as well as your target audience like a blog or even a Social media post makes it all the more successful in attracting people. Some of the different types are as follows:

  1. Brand Copywriting: this type of copywriter looks beyond the typical copywriting and focuses on creating an emotional bond to get an emotional response from the audience. A great brand copywriter would focus on creating a memorable experience rather than identifying why the brand is better than its competitors.
  2. Social media Copywriting: A copy written for social media needs to focus on being engaging so that the audience can interact with the post, the message that the copy delivers usually stays the same but the copy needs to change to suit the platform, not all platforms can use the same copy since the target audience and the nature of the platform demand different formats.
  3. SEO Copywriting: The main purpose of SEO is to increase the rank of your content on the search engine results page, for that to happen a high-quality copy needs to be written while including plenty of keywords to rank high.
  4. Marketing Copywriting: The most familiar type of copywriting that can be seen in billboards, online display ads, Radio and TV commercials, and more.
  5. Email Copywriting: Email marketing is one of the best direct digital marketing services that can attract a large number of people but to do that an excellent copy needs to be written for the email to make it stand out from other emails.
Types of copywriting

Examples of copywriting

An example of really attractive copywriting is done by RXBar which is a no-nonsense protein bar brand that decided to include the packaging and brand together and the copy only included the ingredients of the protein bar which are Egg whites, almonds, pecans, cashews, and dates. This is so perfect because the brand has a no-nonsense image and although this is simple it is still very creative.

Another example of great copywriting is the direct response copy written for nuuly which is a subscription clothing website that made a great call to action copy encouraging its visitors to subscribe to their service to be able to rent clothes from the website.

Examples of copywriting

Copywriting strategy

Although writing good quality copy is very important, it is still not enough to encourage people to turn from readers to customers. A copywriting strategy needs to be formed for that to happen. A few essential elements need to be included in the copy and they are as follows:

  1. The copy needs to be inspirational.
  2. An emotional connection needs to be created with the brand and customer.
  3. Always include a call-to-action section in the copy.
  4. Write relevant copy that would satisfy all the customer needs.
  5. Create a goal that you want to reach through the copy.
  6. Do not write generic content that can be found anywhere, always try to be creative and unique to stand out.
  7. There is a significant relationship between copywriting and SEO which is why you need to write good copy to rank high.
  8. Analyze the results of your copy by following up on the statistics and seeing what brings the most interaction and what does not.
Copywriting strategy

History of copywriting

It is believed that copywriting started with the first printed material in 1477 which was used to promote the sale of a prayer book in Babylonian times. Since the technology was not advanced back then, each and every poster made had to be handmade.

Eventually printed pamphlets and brochures were introduced much smaller in size thus making them faster and easier to print. Mass printing was ready in 1605 where newspapers were mass-produced and with the popularity of newspapers, advertisements were included in them, and copywriting was flourishing. Later on, copywriting evolved to what we see today.

A man named David Ogilvy is known as the father of advertising and copywriting he is one of the first people to suggest putting the facts and making it interesting for the consumer without lying to them. He revolutionized how advertisements should be made to be more honest and use the attractive copy.

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History of copywriting
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