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Email marketing is a form of direct digital marketing; it is one of the most successful direct marketing channels. Email marketing generally is capable of generating 42$ for every 1$ you spent. There are various types of email marketing that would be discussed later in the article as well.

Almost every one of us has received a form of email marketing to our emails where the email informs us of the latest discounts that the brand has, or the latest products, it could also inform the audience general knowledge about the business.

Some of us ignore such emails but some of us go through them and actually benefit from the offers that the business provides. Email marketing is also mostly very affordable since sending an email actually costs nothing but other costs might incur such as purchasing leads, or designing the email.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a very powerful yet often overlooked digital marketing service. This tool allows the business to get in touch directly with the customer and let them know anything and everything for free. Businesses have recently begun to overlook this service because some assume that it is outdated and not effective. Email marketing is also one of the marketing channels that constantly delivers one of the highest ROI’s.

Email marketing is not outdated, in fact, it is still very relevant in 2021, the only catch is that you need to hire a professional agency to help you construct a very attractive email and inform you about the biggest email mistakes to avoid.

Since the competition in this field is very high, your email needs to stand out, be direct to the point, short, precise, and include photos, graphics, and other visual content to make the consumer engage with the brand. It can also help the business acquire and retain customers.

In summary, it is the act of sending commercial emails to the service subscribers who have agreed to receive such emails and inform them about any updates with the business. This is also done in a personalized manner where a one email fits all has been replaced with a personalized and segmented email that could satisfy each and every individual.

What is email marketing?

What are the types of email marketing?

There are mainly 4 types of email marketing, each type exists to reach a certain goal that is put by the business; these types are mentioned below:

  1. Information: This type of email is designed to inform the user. There are 2 subtypes of this email which are the Newsletter and Announcement. Newsletters are emails that inform the user information about updates, new products, tips, how-to’s, and basically anything with value to your customer while announcements serve to inform about company announcements, changes in services, and even opening of new branches, etc.
  2. Acquisition: These are the types of emails that are made to acquire customers who have subscribed to the email service but have not yet been converted to customers. The emails are usually designed to be engaging and have very attractive offers as well as call-to-action to convert the users to customers.
  3. Retention: This type of email is designed to encourage the customer who hasn’t interacted with your business in a while to re interact with you, it could include requesting the customer's feedback, or a special offer for customers who haven’t bought your product in a while to encourage them to make a purchase.
  4. Promotional: As it is very clear in the name these emails are sent to drive sales by including different promotions that the customers can benefit from. It could also include exclusive offers to interactive subscribers.
What are the types of email marketing?

Benefits of email marketing

There are many benefits to email marketing, some of them are mentioned below

  1. Email marketing is very affordable.
  2. It allows you to reach customers who are already engaged with your brand since they themselves requested to receive your emails.
  3. Email marketing allows you to deliver custom emails to each segment of subscribers to appease to them.
  4. These emails can easily drive sales and revenue from customers who receive them by encouraging call-to-action.
  5. It is very easy to design and construct an attractive email although it is advised to hire professionals.
  6. Keeping track of the number of interactions on the email and other analytics is easy since statistical analysis is provided by click-through and convergence.
  7. If the email has excellent and attractive deals it would be easy for the subscribers to forward and share the email with their friends.
  8. You can have knowledge of who the email is sent to and this could even include a global audience.
  9. Providing limited-time deals is an excellent way to make customers click-through to get the deal-making impact instant.
  10. The highest ROI can be achieved through using email marketing.
Benefits of email marketing

Examples of email marketing campaigns

There are many successfully attractive marketing campaigns that have managed to engage the customers with the brand, one of those email marketing campaigns was a promotional email campaign designed by Tory Burch, which is an American fashion label based in New York City.

The reason why it was successful is that the email was pleasing with a smooth transition that looked like a card opening as well as the usage of wordings like “Private Sale” allows the users to think that they are special and that the email was specifically sent for them. Another reason why it was successful is because of its simplicity and direct message which did not complicate the message and bore the user.

Another example of a successful email marketing campaign was done by Dropbox. The reason for the email was to re-engage the existing customers who have not interacted with their Dropbox in a while. The email included funny and lighthearted cartoons, as well as an emoticon to let the user “go back to them”.

They included messages such as the Dropbox has been feeling “lonely” and also some a reminder of the features of Dropbox was added to attract the users, and finally ended the email by adding a tutorial to use the service.

Examples of email marketing campaigns

History of email marketing

Email marketing is one of the very first digital communication channels that emerged in 1971 when the first ever email was sent. Although email marketing is 50 years old but it is more widely used in this day and age. It is also known as the most effective channel in B2B marketing.

Moreover, the first-ever email marketing blast was sent in 1978 by a man named Gary Thuerk, he sent the email to 400 recipients to promote his companies computers. The campaign was successful in that it resulted in almost 13$ million in sales.

When Hotmail launched the first free email service in 1996 this helped launch the explosion of email marketing all over. Now with over 2.6 billion email users over 50% of the emails they receive are spam. The major reason why people unsubscribe to email marketing services of brands is that they receive too many of them.

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History of email marketing
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