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Media Production Companies: Services and Stages Explained

With the constant evolution of technology, businesses and brands need to use creative and new methods to promote their products and services. Media production companies offer a wide range of services that can be used to market your brand. This article explains what media production companies are, the stages of media production, and the services they provide.

Media production companies are responsible for producing and managing projects from the start of the creative process to the final product. They provide individual services, such as visual effects, TV commercial production, and more.

The four main stages of media production are planning, pre-production, production, and post-production. In the planning stage, the idea is developed, and storyboards are created. In pre-production, everything is prepared for the production, such as makeup, locations, and props. In production, the audio/video content is recorded, and in post-production, the content is edited and polished for distribution.

Media production companies offer a variety of services, including videography, documentary film production, music video production, media coverage, media casting services, production house services, visual effects, radio production, TV commercial production, video and animation, live streaming broadcast, and construction updates.

The oldest media production company is Gaumont Film Company, established in France in 1895. Pathé and Nordisk Film were also founded in the early 1900s, while Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures were established in the USA in 1912.

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Stages of media production

There are 4 main stages of media production and they are as follows:

  1. Planning: this is the initial stage where the idea develops, and storyboards start being made for the production process to get a general idea of how the completed product would look like.
  2. Pre-production: in this stage, everything is set and prepared for the production, like the makeup, location of the shooting, the set, and the props.
  3. Production: the recording of the audio/video content is done in the presence of the director, the videographer, and other staff members.
  4. Post-production: This stage is where the content recorded gets edited and polished for distribution.
Stages of media production

Media Production Company services

There are a few services that media production companies provide, and they are as follows:

  1. Videography: from its name you can tell that it is the process of recording videos of moving images onto CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and other similar recording tapes. A videographer is the one who controls the camera to capture the video.
  2. Documentary film: they are films that would help connect with the audience on a personal level, and that is what most brands look for in order to be memorable and make the audience emotionally attached to them.
  3. Music video production: the filming of music video clips for singers and choosing the best storytelling, sites, and locations to go with the music, the concept, and the theme.
  4. Media coverage: basically this service allows your brand, product or service to be discussed of shown on blog articles, RSS feeds, video content or other types of digital content as well as in Radio, TV, and print media.
  5. Media casting services: this service allows the casting of the best actors for your company’s advertisement or photoshoot.
  6. Production house: this involves production, and post-production services, post-editing as well as montage, or even voiceovers and more.
  7. Visual effects: All the computer graphics and green screen scenes can be helpful to reduce the production cost and increase the quality of the production.
  8. Radio production: producing radio commercials that could promote your brand to radio listeners.
  9. TV commercial production: TV commercial has one of the highest ROI which could benefit the brand.
  10. Video and animation: creating animated commercials and content attracts more audience towards the brand.
  11. Live streaming broadcast: this service allows the audience of a brand to interact directly with the brand in real-time.
  12. Construction update: video shooting for construction updates.
Media Production Company services
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