What are Music video production types and process?

Music videos are a part of media production since there is a storyline or a concept that is followed throughout the video. Usually, music videos are made to attract more people to listen to the song; some music videos even make the song more appealing to the viewer since it enhances the experience for the user.

There are even music videos that are of low budget but have a great production which still makes them very attractive while others that cost a fortune and appeal more due to the high technology, and better production of the music video.

What is music video production?

Record companies that produce the music itself as well as the artist gets in contact with the music video producers to create the concept, theme, and idea for the music video that also matches the musical lyrics, beat, and ambiance.

Music video producers create a demonstration for the shooting scenes and show how the music video will play out in the end, if the shooting requires scenes where the set needs to be built they usually build, while if the location of the filming is outside they need to book the shooting venues.

Music video production process 

There are a few steps that are involved in music video production, and they are as follows:

  1. Understand the song and get inspiration from it to deliver the message in the lyrics.
  2. Prepare the filming crew, the actors, and another necessary cast.
  3. Plan the shooting location, set, and props.
  4. Shoot the music video once everything is prepared perfectly.
  5. If the music video requires live scenes while performing the song shoot that as well.
  6. Edit the video with the right software to make it look attractive.
  7. Distribute the music video to music networks online and offline.

What is music video production?

Types of music videos

There are various types of music videos and the type of music video is usually chosen based on the atmosphere and the message of the song or the music itself, some of these types of music videos are as follows:

  1. Performance music video: This type is the most commonly seen in music videos it is also the way that most music videos were filmed in the past. As the name indicates the artist performs his/her song whether in the form of dancing, singing, in the studio, or even on a stage in front of an audience.

 The lighting and set are made to match the atmosphere of the song. A good example of the performance music video is Beyoncé’s Single lady which is a dance performance in black and white, as well as Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic - Leave the Door Open which was performed in the recording studio.

  1. Narrative music video: After seeing too many of the performance music videos, it became very boring and not innovative so producers started thinking about putting stories into the music so narrative music videos have a beginning, middle, and an end like the movies but on a much smaller scale. A good example for Narrative music videos is Drake’s hold on we’re going home.
  2. Concept music videos: This type of music video is not very common and is not often seen in mainstream music types. Concept music videos have no limit at all; you can use CGI, stop motion, or even set locations.

This type depends on the creativity of the artist and the director. Music videos can go crazy but at the same time match the song. A good example of this type of music video is Childish Gambino’s Sweatpants.

  1. Lyric music videos: Lyric videos are those that contain the lyrics of the song. In the past lyric videos contained simple images or colorful backgrounds that match the song. Lyric videos have evolved over the years to more complex and better-presented lyrics. A good example of a lyric video is Justin Timberlake ft. Jay Z suit and tie, this video is a combination of lyrics, animation, concept, and narrative.
  2. Animation music videos: this type of music video involves various kinds such as Computer Graphics, stop motion, or even the traditional cartoon style. It is very important to know which type of animation you want to do. It is usually common to see animation combined with another type such as narrative. A good example of the animated music video is Nina Simone - my baby just cares for me

History of music videos – A Brief History Of Music Videos (yellowbrickstudiousa.com)

Originally music videos started as clips of musical short films in the 1920s but in the 1980s MTV started revolutionizing the way music was delivered so now the audience can view as well as listen to music.

A huge contributor to the way music videos have evolved over the years was in 1983 when Michael Jackson dropped Thriller music video what was like nothing is ever done before and had cost almost $800,000 to make, it is considered the most successful, influential, and iconic music video of all time.

Artists after that became very creative in presenting visual content to the viewers and many iconic music videos were done by Madonna, Springsteen, and even Janet Jackson. With the ability to view almost any music video online now on YouTube has encouraged the production of music videos even more.

Types of music videos

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