What is the media coverage? How can media coverage benefit your business?


. 1 What is the media coverage? How can media coverage benefit your business?

. 2 What is the media coverage?

. 3 Types of media coverage

. 4 Benefits of media coverage

. 5 Get your Media coverage started with the help of Entasher.com

What is the media coverage? How can media coverage benefit your business?

Have you ever noticed that some events are covered a lot you can hear about them on the radio, watch their footage on the TV and social media, even read about them in newspapers and magazines? Yes? The reason for that is because some of these events are important enough to be covered so widely or that they paid a lot of money to be featured on many media platforms.

But not all media coverage happens to major events only; some very small or exclusive events have media coverage as well. Further in the article, the different types of media coverage will be discussed as well as some examples of media coverage, and finally the benefits of media coverage.

What is the media coverage?

The term media coverage is very broad and refers to all the media platforms that feature or mention your brand, business, service, or product. Some media platforms can be used to cover anything related to your business such as live broadcasting, press release, articles, or any type of video content.

If a company wishes to be mentioned more in media platforms they can contact agencies that do media coverage in order to increase the media presence of the company. This would help with creating awareness of the brand and increase the interest of the people in it.


Types of media coverage

There are four types of media coverage that can be utilized in different ways to make sure that your brand has a great presence in the market. The types of media coverage are as follows:

  1.      Paid media coverage: the paid media coverage is as its name indicates paid, you pay to have your brand be mentioned on media platforms. For online media your business pays for the reach, views, and leads generated, this could include influencer marketing as a form of paid media coverage. For offline paid media coverage can include advertising on the TV, Radio, and Print media.
  2.      Earned media coverage: this type of media coverage is earned, meaning your business did not pay for it or have anything to do with it. For example in online media someone could tag your brand, news portals could cover news about your brand. In offline media, it can be covered by the mention of your brand on all platforms and even during personal interactions.
  3.     Shared media coverage: shared media coverage is when people share videos or posts, or any type of content that your business has published, for example, viral videos which are shared by many people and they are not paid anything.
  4.    Owned media coverage: the final type of media coverage is owned meaning that the media platform used to publish content about your business is owned by your business, for example, the company website, blog, social media accounts. For offline could be through owned retail stores, brochures, or billboards.
Types of media coverage

Benefits of media coverage

There are many benefits for media coverage and some of these benefits are as follows:

  1.  Reach far away audience: Media coverage helps you to reach the audience that is far away from you and be able to deliver the message to them easily.
  2. Enhance the credibility of the brand: When different media platforms do media coverage for your brand this increases the credibility of the brand tothe audience.
  3. Positive coverage enhances the brand image: Media platforms providing positive feedback and praise to the brand will encourage more people to interact with the brand and seek out its products and services.
  4. Increase the market presence: The more media coverage that the brand gets on various media platforms both online and offline would benefit the presence of the brand in the market, increasing the awareness, and convergence rate of the customers.
Benefits of media coverage

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Get your Media coverage started with the help of Entasher.com
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