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All what you need to know about a good brand photography

“A picture is worth a thousand words” have you ever heard this quote before? It is definitely true, you can deliver any message that you want with just a single photo. Visual stimulation is very important in our day and age especially with the decreasing attention span of audiences, so very attractive visual content is very important.

Photos can be very expressive and anyone can analyze the photo to their liking. Photos can be very powerful in delivering emotions as well, for example, war photos can document the happy moment of victory or the sad reality of the innocent people who were caught in the crossfire. Showing either side of the war would be able to change people’s perceptions and how they view it.

What is photography?

Technically photography is considered as an art where light is captured and processed using film or a sensor. While the essence of photography is more about capturing moments and leaving visual material of memories to be shared and treasured through time.

In the past years, photography has been recognized as a form of art and much literature has emerged in the department of art specifically about photography, its history, theory, practice, and criticism.  Due to its complexity, it is hard to define what photography is.

Why is brand photography important?

If you have a business and an online presence you need to have professional photos taken. It is important to focus on good photography because the photos will be used to enhance your online presence and have an effect on attracting people to your website over and over. Other reasons why photography is important to your business are as follows:

  1. Visual attraction: the audience is more likely to remember the content they read on your website or social media channels if it is associated with attractive photos. It could also help increase the social media reach since photos are a major factor on social media.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): people can access your website through the photos that have links to your webpage. Adding photos to your blog can make it easier to access the page for an audience who searches for photos, not content.
  3. Personalized photography: having a photographer take pictures of your brand products or related to your brand service will make it have a consistent theme that will be prominent every time you take photos and this allows the audience to associate that style with your brand right away.
  4. Increase sales: adding a picture that has your product or is associated with the service you provide is more likely to convince the audience to make a purchase on your website. The quality of the photo is very important.

What is photography?

What is brand photography purpose?

There are various types of photography and each type has its own purpose. But back in the past the sole purpose of photography to replace portraits for people who couldn’t afford it. And photographs taken during the war were to make the families grieve their loved ones.

Now with the advancement of technology, marketing, and businesses, the purpose of photography is to take attractive photos of the brand products to make it more appealing and interesting than their competitors. This would encourage people to purchase from this brand.

History of photography 

Taking a photo first happened in 1826 when Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took the first ever permanent photo out of his window titled “View from the Window at Le Gras.”. he processed the image by a technique called heliography, which he invented.

Later on in 1890 Louis Daguerre invented a technique called the Daguerreotype process which was based on his work along with Joseph Niépce. This technique had better processing of photos resulting in better quality images than the heliography method.

Just a little while after the Daguerreotype was announced, a British scientist had invented another technique that involved printing the image on light sensitive paper rather than metal plates which were used by Joseph Niépce and Louis Daguerre. This technique was called the calotype process.

Later in 1888 roll film debuted by George Eastman and his business partner, Henry A. Strong. The film was first introduced as 70mm in length but was later cut down by Thomas Edison to be 35mm, which is the standard size. This revolutionized photography and the first advertisement was made in 1900 to advertise the pocket size cameras.

Other countless famous photographers have gone down in history for their great art in taking the perfect pictures that leave milestones in the history of photography to be recognized and studied later by others. This shaped what photography has become today.

What is brand photography purpose?

Good vs. bad photography

Good photography

Bad photography

According to the National Retail Foundation, 94% of people felt that the quality of an image was important when purchasing products thus increasing sales.

Unattractive and would not encourage the audience to purchase your product

Can contribute to the visual marketing of the brand.

Can deliver a negative impression to the audience about your brand.

Can present professionalism to the audience and show them that the brand takes professional photos of the brand.

Can show that the brand does not care about the representation of its product to customers, therefore, promoting an unprofessional image.

Types of photography 

There are many types of photography that photographers specialize in. some of the most prominent types are as follows:

  1. Portrait photography: This is the most popular type of photography which can be seen as the profile picture of people on their social media accounts or even on the driver’s license.
  2. Fashion photography: This type of photography can be seen in fashion magazines or in fashion stores. The main purpose of fashion photography is to make the fashion items aesthetically pleasing to attract customers to purchase the items.
  3. Food photography: The focus is on making the food products look appetizing enough to make the customers want to eat it, rather than the competition. Every business in the food industry needs to have good food photographs because there is high competition.
  4. Product photography: Similar to food photography but with is familiar when you plan to do a digital marketing plan for a restaurant  The photographers make the products look attractive enough to attract and convince the customer to buy the product. This is necessary for online such as social media marketing and offline business advertising.
  5. Architectural photography: This is the type that presents the interior and exterior of architecture in an aesthetically pleasing image to encourage people to buy the building.
  6. Event photography: This type of photography involves capturing the happy and exciting moments of any event like a wedding, concert, family gathering, etc. the main purpose is to save such memories and treasure them.
Good vs. bad photography

Tools used in photography

There are many tools that can help with photography, but not all of them can be used in all the types of photography, each type of photography requires a different set of tools with a dew overlapping. Some of the common tools used in photography are as follows:

  1. DSLR camera/Smartphone
  2. Lenses
  3. Tripod
  4. Lighting
  5. Editing software
  6. Filters.

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Tools used in photography
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