Transportation advertising on buses (Bus wrap): All you need to know about this trend

 Transportation advertising on buses (Bus wrap): All you need to know about this trend

Bus wraps as we call it is a kind of transportation advertising are like moving billboards, advertising a brand, and being visible for pedestrians, and everyone in cars driving around the bus. It is considered affordable compared to the level of exposure that the medium provides; it also goes on for the whole day for as long as the bus is moving it is visible.

While driving in the street have you seen busses with attractive wraps advertising a certain brand? Even though public transportation is the most affordable mean to get to your destination it usually passes by many stops.

This makes it visible to everyone that comes across it. Wrapping busses can be one of the easiest most visually attractive means of advertising because it attracts attention and it moves to make its exposure rate high.

Bus wrap pros and cons

Bus wrap pros and cons

Bus wrap



Reach a large audience and every demographic

Brands worry that bus wraps might ruin the image of their brand.

Attract the attention of everyone that sees the advertisement.

Although the exposure would be high it cannot be guaranteed that all the people exposed are potential customers.

The advertisement is passive and not forced upon people; it is just there while they use transportation.

Since it is a simple printed vinyl decal it limits the creativity of creating an attractive advertisement for the brand.

Affordable medium of advertising rather than other mediums.

The mood of the people who watch the advertisement is a huge contributing factor. If the audience is not mentally able to comprehend then advertising on a bus would be a waste.

Bus wrap is basically vinyl made decals that stick to the bus sides. The brand would design the advertisement that they want to present on the bus, and then the design would be printed on durable vinyl decals that are then carefully adhered to the bus sides for everyone to see.

Bus wraps can target larger groups of audiences that you didn’t know were interested in your brand. It is an effective tool to create awareness about the brand, attract the attention of everyone the bus passes by, and reach all demographics.

History of vehicle wrap

History of vehicle wrap

Promoting on vehicles started in the early 20th century with Milton Hershey painting his logo on other vehicles to promote his brand and later on other people picked it up and started painting on vehicles to promote their brand.

Later on, in the 1920s vinyl was invented but it was still very expensive and not everyone could afford it. Only big companies could afford using vinyl decals to promote their brand until the 1980’s when the production of vinyl became much cheaper and even small companies were then able to use it to promote for their business that this became a better option for commercial use.

It all started in Germany when a car owner wanted to change his car to a taxi and by German law, all taxis must be beige in color, so instead of painting his car he asked for it to be wrapped to prevent it from damaging because of the paint. It is said that Pepsi is the first company to commercially use vinyl wraps on the Pepsi bus in 1993.

use bus wrap as a guerilla marketing

use bus wrap as a guerilla marketing

it's not always about the quantity, you might advertise on one bus with a very catchy and creative design to go viral on social media platforms.

Bus wrapping in Egypt: how can we help?

Bus wrapping in Egypt: how can we help?

Bus wrapping has is a trending form of advertisement in Egypt, since most of the Egyptians use public transportation or are around public transportation almost on daily basis. It is a very efficient way to attract the Egyptians attention and have a high return on investment.

Not only that but bus wrapping can also increase the reach of the other marketing media of the brand advertising by up to 316%. It is very likely for such an advertisement to increase sales and influence the public to purchase from your brand or use your services.

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