How Does Giveaway Marketing Work

Giveaways marketing is the distribution of merchandise to target audience in order to achieve brand awareness, grow your network, generate leads, save money (compared to other kinds of marketing), gain product exposure and to give back to your community.
Giveaways are fun and always make the audience happy but it could be very tricky and ineffective if done wrong or without a plan. Here we are going to explain all kinds of giveaways and how to get the best benefit out of it.

Branded Giveaways

Branded giveaways are a low cost products with your company/product name. These products should be distributed to the targeted audience to be used over long periods as a reminder of your brand. For example a milk company may distribute refrigerator magnets with their logo to remind anyone who is going to open the fridge to buy their milk. Branded giveaways can either be cleverly tied in with, or completely unrelated to the product/company. What matters is that they are considered useful by the audience to be used over a long period. 

Your Product

Product giveaways are an effective, easy and low cost method to get your target audience to try your products and give you their feedback. Yet it could be a disaster if your competitors are better than you as your target audience will instantly compare your product to the ones they are used to. Don't overdo it; you don't want your audience to get used to getting your product for free.


Partnerships maximizes the effectiveness of a giveaway marketing campaign. For example if your mobile store hands out a hat giveaway in an outdoor concert. The result can be successful to both. The attendees will enjoy the shade from the hats and will stay longer which will increase the revenues, and your store will receive exposure through TV and radio coverage, local print media and from the hats themselves.

Trade Shows

Trade show giveaways are handed out to consumers and experts who are interested in your industry or perhaps in your product. Your products will be compared face to face with your competitors thus your giveaways must be more concerned with the impact and quality and your uniqueness other than feel good fun giveaways. 

Online Giveaways

Running a giveaway online is simple yet it has different techniques but the basics are the same you pay a certain amount for a prize. For a chance to win if they do what you need, for example adding their email, sending feedbacks, or just interacting on a specific post. Incentivize them to increase their chances to win by sharing it. The sharing can make your post go viral and reach more people than the pay per click ads. If the cost of the prize is less than the price of gaining what you needed from the campaign by using pay per click ads then it’s a success.

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