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Attracting Your Dream Customer

Amidst a sea of resources—millions of books, thousands of videos, and countless materials and courses—all aimed at guiding marketers and entrepreneurs in crafting a winning marketing strategy, one crucial element is often Brought up: the paramount importance of centering every aspect of your strategy around your dream customer. And oddly enough, it seems to be the element most disregarded.

Creating a customer- based strategy is not merely about targeting who might buy your product or service; it's about identifying and focusing on your "perfect customer"—the one whose needs, desires, and values align most closely with what you offer and basing every aspect of your strategy accordingly.

One common misconception among entrepreneurs is that they believe their business is about them or their products. However, in reality, your business is about your customer.

And the goal? Running a customer centric company/business rather than a product centered one, as Robert Collier -author of one of the greatest books on marketing- said, we should not be trying to create the next amazing ad campaign, but instead we need to learn how to “enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind’’ and to then address it using an ad campaign

To truly grasp who your dream customers are and effectively attract them, you must learn to perceive the world through their eyes. Understand the fundamental pains they seek to avoid and the core desires and passions they aspire to fulfill. Once you achieve this understanding, attracting them into your funnel and serving them becomes effortless.


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