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What is Brand Expression? And 3 Brands Who Did it Right

If your brand behaves in another way than it shows or feels, you’re losing potential customers. Because the brand’s consistent voice is crucial for its success. And the way the brand expresses itself can attract people or turn them off. 

So, what does it mean for a brand to express itself?

Brand expression is the voice of your brand that can be heard in different ways such as the logo, the brand’s identity, the messages it tries to convey, the copywriting, the website design, and even the packaging design. All this contributes to telling the story of your brand that can influence customers buying decisions through a brand’s touch-points. 

What is a brand touchpoint?

A brand touchpoint is the moment of interaction between customers and the brand. This moment can be physically through outdoor campaigns, visiting the store, and a print ad. Or it can be digitally, through social media campaigns, copywriting, videos, and photography. 

Brand experience

Brand experience is how people feel or react to a brand. Or how they associate a brand with a certain feeling or thought. This includes people connecting a brand to a memory, such as a childhood toy, or a product they used to consume with their families. Brand experience is usually a sum of long connections the brand builds over time with its customers. 

That’s why it’s crucial for brands to remember that if people react to the brand negatively, they won’t choose the brand in future purchases or they won’t even remember the brand.

So, here are a few examples of brands that build a successful brand expression:


When people think of Redbull, they don’t always think of the beverage’s taste, but they usually associate it with sports, adventure, and physical activity. The brand successfully builds a positive connection with its audience who love to discover new or extreme things and need a caffeinated beverage to boost their adrenaline. 


Who doesn’t think of Netflix as a personal movie theater? Or a time to chill and enjoy by yourself or with friends at home? Netflix built this hyped brand experience and connected the brand with fun times, chill times, and times to break free from stressful days.

3- Starbucks

Have you ever been to Starbucks excited to see how they write your name to post it on social media? Starbucks’ built some buzz around the brand with their fun personalization experience that continues to attract customers until today. 

To sum up

Your audience is human, so the experience you decide to give them should always be emotion-evoking to get the best results. Always think of how you can personalize those experiences and connect them positively to your audience’s lives. And remember, a solid brand expression lasts for years resonating positively with the audience, so make it don’t break it. 

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