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What is a brand strategy? And what makes a brand strategy successful?

When everything is planned ahead, it’s more likely to be successful. This is why a brand strategy is crucial to the success of your brand, and to make your brand stand out from the competition. 

What is a brand strategy?

A brand strategy is a plan to build strong bonds with the brand’s audience. The brand strategy’s goals are to gain preference from customers, get identified easily, and become memorable or associated with good memories. 

This doesn’t mean that a brand strategy only includes the logo, the brand’s colors, or the name as widely misconceived. But it revolves more around elements that increase brand awareness and introduce your brand to customers positively.

So, what makes a successful brand strategy?

Since the brand strategy’s goals are unquantified, it’s hard to measure them. That’s why the way the strategy’s success is measured is more through answering questions and seeing an impact. 

Those questions include the following:

1- Define what’s the brand is all about 

What’s your purpose, mission, and vision, and what are your values? Since those four elements reflect who you are as a brand, they influence everything in your brand strategy. It’s important to align all of them to provide value to customers rather than only selling. 

2- Make your messages consistent 

You should always unify your brand’s personality with its voice and tone. And your messages across all platforms should be consistent and should reflect your brand essence. This all results in strong brand recognition. 

3- Evoke emotion 

Since a big part of human behavior is building relationships and connecting with others, brands should aim for providing customers with an experience that allows them to build rapport. Not only that, but people look for love, affection, and belongingness to groups or communities. Successful brands tap on those emotions to influence customers buying decisions. 

4- Design an appealing identity 

Elements such as color, logo, typography, and imagery are the face of your brand. A strong visual identity combines all of these elements with an intention to grow the brand, stay memorable, and influence buying intents. 

5- Cultivate loyalty 

When your brand is strong enough, there will always be loyal customers advertising your brand without even asking them. Encourage this loyalty through communicating with them, assigning them as brand ambassadors, or even just saying thank you for being a loyal customer. 

This communication boosts the brand visibility since those loyal customers are always eager to share what they know about the brand with their friends or on social media.

In conclusion 

A well-planned brand strategy reflects the brand essence, delivers consistent messages, evokes emotion, has an appealing identity, and cultivates customer loyalty. 

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