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Pros and Cons of CATI Research

First, What is CATI Research? 

CATI stands for computer-assisted telephone interviewing CATI. It’s a telephone search method that’s guided by a computer. This means the interviewer calls a respondent and asks him questions using a script that’s displayed on the computer screen. 

One of the advantages of using CATI research is allowing the interviewer to focus on making the conversation dynamic rather than the data. Since the computer suggests questions and customizes them based on the respondent's answers, CATI makes a better alternative to traditional data collection.

How does CATI work?

  • Institutes set goals, and specifications for the project, decide the length of the questionnaire

  • The institute prepares targeted surveys and questionnaires

  • The institute generates phone numbers and shares them with the interviewers then they start making calls and storing data

  • The institute shares stored data, statistics, and outcomes with the client 

Pros of CATI

  1. Detailed data is collected through follow-up questions 

  2. Data is securely stored and recorded 

  3. Allows interviewers to reach a big part of the population 

  4. Has a feature of predictive dialing that eliminates time spent dialing manually 

  5. Includes a smart time zone management that allows interviewees to do research anytime 

  6. Call outcome, dropoff rate, and response rate can be tracked and monitored by project administrators

  7. Doesn’t require a software configuration to access and can the software be accessed through any web browser

  8. Questionnaires can be easily updated or fixed then they are stored digitally 

  9. Conversations can be recorded for further analysis and examination 

Cons of CATI

  1. Interviewers must be trained in survey administration and using the CATI software

  2. If questions are written incorrectly in the software, interviewers might not notice 

  3. People who don’t have access to a phone can’t be reached 

  4. Changing the respondent’s answers after passing the question can be hard 

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