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4 Secrets of Running Successful Online Buzz Marketing Campaigns

Ever heard of social contagion? It’s the spread of behaviors or emotions among a group of people. Kind of like yawning in front of someone, and then suddenly the whole room starts yawning with you. Well, buzz marketing works in a similar way, propagating words to go viral in a short time. But is it really contagious? Let’s figure it out.

What is online buzz marketing? 

In short, it’s a technique to boost the visibility of a brand and its products through word of mouth. Brands shoot for this type of marketing to increase brand awareness by collaborating with influencers who spark conversations with their followers about the brand’s products. 

How does online buzz marketing work?

Influencers kickstart something out of the box to draw their follower’s attention. It could be a teasing picture or even a product review. The content doesn’t matter as long as it keeps the audience hooked. 

Why is online buzz marketing effective?

Well, apart from getting the whole audience on their toes, talking about the brand with their circles of connections, it helps with the following:

Increase brand awareness

Generate traffic and increase sales 

Build a positive impact around the brand 

Place the brand as trustworthy since most of the advertising comes from referrals 

Plus, it’s a free way to advertise your brand to thousands or millions!

So, how to run a successful online buzz marketing campaign?

1- Do your research 

Understand your buyer personas well before you think about grabbing their attention. It’s not an easy task to stand out when the audience is bombarded with digital advertisements every day. So, plan ahead, and analyze what your buyer personas see as light and fun. 

2- Keep the expectations realistic 

So what happens after getting everyone talking about your product? They will go to try it, and if they find it not as they expected, chances are you’re losing more customers than before. So, be realistic, and even the buzz you build needs to be credible. 

3- Use the FOMO technique 

The fear of missing out is a golden secret many marketers use to increase sales. Try to make your products exclusive while building this buzz, or with a limited price during this campaign. It works magic. 

4- Find the right influencers 

It’s worth choosing influencers who can engage their followers since followers trust them and think of their recommendations as bulletproof. So choose influencers who match your industry, who can start unconventional conversations, and who are considered trustworthy. 

Final thoughts 

You can make it or break it with online buzz marketing, so it’s always a good idea to get the help of experts, such as companies who specialize in buzz-building influencers. Where can you find them? Check where you can find hundreds of influencer marketing companies.

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