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There are many social media users in Egypt and these users have accounts on different social media platforms that help them stay connected with each other. Most businesses in Egypt divert their attention to advertising and marketing through social media since it is affordable and can reach a large number of target audiences.

This article will further explain the advantages of social media, the average package cost in Egypt, the statistics related to social media in Egypt, and the statistics related to social media users in Egypt. To find out more about social media you can view our article

Social media advantages

There are many advantages to social media including the following:

  1. Social media can help you reach a large audience at affordable costs.
  2. Social media allows direct communication and engagement with customers.
  3. Social media gives access to use paid advertising.
  4. You can use social media to evaluate the performance of advertisements and regular posts.

Social media Packages in Egypt

In Egypt, social media packages start from 10,000 EGP per month to 50,000 EGP per month. The cost can still be lower or higher depending on the requirements of the clients and the added features and services provided by the agency.

Social media statistics in Egypt

There are various social media platforms that are popular in Egypt. The most popular social media platform is Facebook with around 88.58% market share recorded in November 2021, followed by YouTube which has around 7.89% market share, and in the third position comes twitter with 2.13% market share.

Social media users in Egypt 

Looking at the popularity among users and not the market share we would find that Facebook is the most popular platform with around 53.18 million users, in second place Facebook messenger with around 46.8 million users, and finally in third place is Instagram with almost 16.81 million users.

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Social media statistics in Egypt
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