everything you need to know about 3D graphic design

everything you need to know about 3D graphic design

3D graphic designers can create a world’s not just objects using computer graphics (CGI) and make them look very realistic. 3D graphic design includes designing logos, animation, web design, and even user interfaces. 3D designs are more interesting than the regular 2D designs and they all the user to interact more because of how realistic it looks.

With the advancement in technology, 3D designing has evolved significantly over the past years. Watching movies now that have used CGI like Avatar, Titanic, or even The matrix can be a good example of how 3D graphics have improved over the years.

Going to the cinema with the option to watch movies with 3D glasses is better than just watching the movie in 2D because 3D is more interactive and makes the viewer’s think they are in the movie experiencing it.

Why 3D graphic designs? 

There are a few reasons why to interpret 3D designs more in your business. A few of the reasons are below:

  1. Emphasis: 3D designs carry more emphasis in delivering the message that you want to the consumer. It attracts more attention and therefore the viewer is more likely to concentrate on the design.
  2. Enhanced visuals: The visuals of the 3D content in a world full of typography and 2D designs stand out and make the viewer more interested in going through the creatively presented content.
  3. Easier visualization: Since 3D designs have 3 faces it is easier to visualize it than 2D designs, which does not allow the user to view the design more accurately.

2D vs 3D graphic designs

2D and 3D graphic designs are very different from each other in many ways which can be easily explained in the table below

2D graphic design

3D graphic design

Use multiple models which leave more room for mistakes.

Use one model leaving less room for mistakes.

Cannot use walkthrough software.

Can use walkthrough software to view the design from the user perspective, this allows for a more user friendly design.

Hard to visualize the design

Easy to visualize the design

Has width, and height dimensions

Has width, height, and depth.

Easy to make 2D designs

Difficult to make 3D designs

Flat animated design

Considers shadows, lights and movement to give depth to the design.

2D vs 3D graphic designs

History of 3D graphic design

The world’s first-ever 3D software known as sketchpad was invented by Ivan Sutherland in 1962. Later he was recognized for his invention and several other enhanced software emerged later through the years.

Sketchpad was very innovative and it allowed interaction with computers in a very different way. Ivan invented the software for his computer drawing Ph.D. thesis from MIT. This innovation allowed to resize, copy, move, and even zoom in on the object that was drawn. How it worked was by drawing horizontal and vertical lines and then combining them to make shapes and figures.

Examples of 3D graphic designs

3D graphic designs can be seen in movies like Frozen, or in movies like Avatar that type of 3D is called CGI or computer graphics. Other forms of 3D design are simple designs for advertisements. Text and video games can also use 3D graphic design. 

An example of an advertisement is the Michelin man the mascot for the Michelin tires. He is often seen as a 3D design rather than a simple 3D design.

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History of 3D graphic design
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