Maradona Films; A Leading Production House In Egypt

Have you ever watched an Ad, a documentary or a music video and were stunned at how real the location seemed to be or how captivating the setting was? Most probably you were intrigued to know who is behind cameras and who handles the production process. Well, the one behind executing a creative idea is usually a production house. Today we talk about one of the most reputable production houses in Egypt


How It All Started

Maradona was established in 2017 by Rasha Hashem & Micheal Makram, two executive producers with inclinations towards two different fields. While Rasha has an extensive background in advertising, Micheal is experienced in featured movies & documentaries. All of which enables them to provide the various resources required to present their remarkable production solutions

Challenges They Face & Overcome in The Field

Because of the bureaucratic nature of the Egyptian system, Maradona is often faced with challenges to get work done on time with alignment to the assigned budget & schedule. However, due to the fact that they have a uniquely wide network and an extended experience in the field, they are able to overcome whatever comes their way and eventually produce a piece of work that impresses

Speaking of which, their production for this Chipsy Ad is beyond impressive. It shows how remarkable their production solutions really are. As featured in the Ad, the filming takes place in various places across Egypt. The surprising part is that this massive production was filmed in 4 days only

Another example that further shows Maradona's extraordinary set of skills and expertise is Moro's most resonating campaign. An insider info we got was that this Ad had a very tight budget and yet the production was not only splendid but sophisticated to say the least.  

Their Take on The Advertisement Scene in Egypt

Maradona prides the fact that Egypt is booming with talented calibers in the field. Their work nature allows them to mingle with talents from all walks of life, which is something they are always thrilled about and consider very eye opening. According to them, the scene is highly competitive and yet people in the community are eagerly passionate about supporting young talents. They believe that people in the field still have so much to offer if given the opportunity

Why Maradona Stands out From The Crowd

The different backgrounds that Rasha & Micheal posses enable them to offer creative yet flexible production solutions. Their determination to meet the client's expectations without compromising the production concept or quality positions them as one of the most prominent production houses in Egypt. In fact, their resonance goes beyond their country of origin. Although Maradona Production House is sought after by big names in the advertising field, they maintain an openness that allows them to work with agencies from all different sizes, as long as the product or idea is fresh and enticing enough. Their portfolio is quite versatile; they work with multinational and local agencies besides digital boutiques. While indeed the competition is harsh, Rasha & Micheal are very keen on the human experience behind every piece of art they produce. That is yet another remarkable trait about them that surely reflects in their work. Their recent production for Maghoub says it all. We wouldn't be exaggerating if we say we can definitely tell everyone was having a blast in the location

Why Maradona Stands out From The Crowd

What Maradona Aspires To

It is fair to say that Maradona sets the bar so high for other players in the field, nevertheless they stay pretty grounded. They aspire to continually produce fresh and daring ideas and constantly exceed expectations. We can certainly call them risk takers. Their ambition has no ceiling. We can't wait to see what tricks are up their sleeves when they produce a feature movie

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What Maradona Aspires To
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