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Recollect Studios

Located in Giza, Egypt

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Recollect Studios is a branding agency that mission is to analyse, strategise, create, and manage brands like yours. We harmonise art, business, and psychology to craft brands that have your fingerprint’ uniqueness.  We're Brave Doers And In Creativity & Passion, We Trust! We analyse your reality, develop strategies that make your brand relevant, and then we craft its personality. We offer your brand value and purpose.  Since we started we chose courage, creativity, and truth to be the cornerstones of our work process and relationship with you. And we have respect and love before creation as our committed and highly diverse teams' mantra. Maybe we're not magicians, but we definitely have what it takes to create and manage successful brands.  Solutions we offer: - Strategy & Positioning - Identity Creation - Brand Engagement - Brand Naming - Creative Consulting - Creative Content  We can't wait to start our journey together.

Rebranding Aware Clinics

Created For Aware Clinic , On 2021

Aware Clinics is the first functional medicine clinic in Egypt and MENA.

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