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Patchwork Productions

Located in Cairo, Egypt

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Patchwork is a creative film production company based in Egypt. We specialize in films, commercials, TV, and digital video content. Whatever the platform is; technology or audience, our ambition is the same. We enjoy all phases from concept development, to producing, over to final delivery. In Patchwork our dedicated creative team will be within you every step of the way from initial concept, creative development, to writing the script. And our production team will be here in each phase to deliver the final output in a one-stop-shop. It is a fun adventure! We believe deeply in the power of a great story. Whether it’s a Film or a marketing campaign, we believe in the ability to connect to the audience through a great narrative.

Your Health , Your Wealth!!

Created For UHI , On 2022

Creative Agency & Production House

Medical Insurance Campaign

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