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Dirayaah Smart Technologies

Located in Asir , Saudi Arabia

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Dirayaah Smart Technologies™ Paves The Way For Organizations To Expand Their Abilities To Stand Out Through Developing Advanced Software Solutions. We Enjoy Extensive Expertise Gained Through Dozens Of Years Of Engagement In The Technology Industry. From Multiple Spots On Earth, Our Dedicated IT Professionals, The Secret To Our Success, Offer Our Services To An Extensive Portfolio Of Governments, Corporates, TV Satellites, Public And Private Sectors, And Education Partners.

Ahla kindergarten management Solution

Created For Ahla , On 2020

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Ahla makes running the different aspects of a kindergarten much easier. It manages administrative tasks, communication between parents and teachers, staff tasks and duties, attendance, and health check requirements, and so much more. Ahla brings together applications that are easy to use and don’t require any prior experience or technical knowledge, and so you don’t need IT professionals either. It makes every task way easier and always enables you to keep your kindergarten running smoothly.

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