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Blue Carrot video agency is THE source for creative storytelling and video production. We inject the heart, humor, passion and purpose of organizations into videos that drive marketing and learning goals. Our top-rated video agency helps clients understand what they can get from marketing and learning videos, choose what type and style of video they need, and provide a full cycle of video production - from the initial idea to a completed video. Our clients take an active role in our projects, and together, we create videos that inspire their audiences - make them laugh, focus on an important statement, or quickly grasp an idea. Since opening our doors in 2014, we’ve worked with more than 200 clients around the globe, from world-famous NGO’s to Fortune 500 companies. Blue Carrot has successfully overcome the challenges of working in multiple time zones and facilitating English communication. Our team has produced more than 300 videos and 10,000 minutes in a wide variety of styles.

Platform Explainer Video for ProQuest

Created For ProQuest , On 2022

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ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) Global is a collection of over five million citations and nearly three million full-text titles. Beyond an aggregated collection, PQDT is a connected network of research. In the newly envisioned PQDT, embedded tools support the user as a researcher and learner, going beyond the delivery of content, and providing the connections needed to make the content they discover actionable.

Goals: Explain and visualize how the PQDT collection functions and brings research together while connecting to what’s occurring around the world. The video should illustrate the value of submitting content and being included in the scholarly ecosystem, as well as understanding the value of doing research within the vast and comprehensive database. The target audience for this video is university librarians, deans, and faculty.

Platform Explainer Video for ProQuest Platform Explainer Video for ProQuest Platform Explainer Video for ProQuest Platform Explainer Video for ProQuest
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