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Studio52 Media Production Company

Located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Studio 52 is a renowned audiovisual media production company based in UAE established in 1977. We provide Audio Production, Video Production, Corporate Video Production, Promo Video production, 2D & 3D Animation, Safety videos, Training videos, explainer videos, Time-lapse Videos, IVR production, Drone filming & shooting, photography services (corporate photography, event photography, product photography, aerial photography), film permit services in Dubai (UAE), construction progress videography & photography services, 40+ languages voice over services (male & female artist talent), radio commercial production services and Telephone Hold Message production services are popular around the middle east region. We have started our services in Dubai, UAE with the time we have expanded our services in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar & the rest of the middle east areas. In the last 4 decades, we have serve 5000+ clients with high-quality Audio & Video production for the marketing & branding of their organization.

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Swiss Boring Timelapse Endorsement

Created For Swiss Boring , On 2017

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Studio52 is proud to a partner of choice for Swissboring since 2007 catering to all media and timelapse requirements..

We Delivered -
High-quality live streaming video, 100% Remote View
HD timelapse 4K / 6K Quality
100% Solar Powered. The virtual reality of construction projects, critical infrastructure, and running construction projects

Our timelapse videos serve monitoring, surveillance, control, security, marketing, and promotion needs. We use high-quality equipment and highly developed software that allows you real-time information for a safe and secure business environment.

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