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Type: Websites

Estimated reach / Month: 10k - 50k

Targeted Age Group : 35- 44


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• is the first Cairo based advertising online portal where you can get all your advertising needs done easily in no time. From booking out of home locations  and finding a full detailed online directory for different advertising companies and channels.
• makes agencies and clients approach easier. If you want to start or expand your own business: Let’s jump to your goals and ambitions in few minutes. is a full online advertising agencies directory!

•You will get the chance to check various advertising companies online all in one place; where you will get to check companies’ profile , projects , clients, previous/ ongoing work, and contact information.
• will give you the best online experience to get your advertising campaign ready and published in various and different types such as designs, digital work, printing, brand activation, all kinds of production, promotion materials, giveaways, social media management and whatever you wished for and more!
• Not only this, will enable you to communicate with any advertising company if you wish to get some work done.
•You can compare between all desired agencies to get the best choice you want in no time!

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Being the backbone of our users and clients , reaching their target through using

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Making Advertising World Much Easier.

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