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Introducing services marketplace on entasher

Entasher services marketplace enables agencies to sell their services directly through the marketplace 


1- Clear service delivery for clients :

Describing delivery to the client including text, videos, and photos will decrease the miscommunication and over-expectations from the client side

2- Clear Pricing :

Adding a certain price to the mentioned service also saves time and effort for negotiations between the company and the client

3- Adding delivery date :

Mentioning the accurate delivery date

4- Adding Editing or refund policy :

Adding a refund or editing policy will make it clear for clients not to ask for extra work or a refund for what they have agreed on


How to start selling on services marketplace

1- Have an Agency account on entasher :

If you have already registered login from this link

If you still don't have an account then you have to register from this link

2- Click on Marketplace from your agency dashboard :

Click on services Listing

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