What Do Ushers Do?

Ushers at events are the first representatives of any event. That’s why their duties are endless. And their responsibility of always maintaining a friendly attitude is crucial.

Think of the ushers as the face of an event. They’re the first ones to get in contact with guests, and guests always seek their help. Their duties are endless, and their responsibility of always maintaining a friendly attitude is crucial. 

Here are some of the ushers' main duties: 

Maintaining a friendly manner in welcoming guests.

Directing guests to their seats.

Reminding guests of the event rules such as wearing a mask or turning off their cellphones.

Monitoring guests’ behavior and escorting out undisciplined guests.

Answering all questions related to the event such as times and where are the toilets.

Distributing any material related to the event, such as brochures.

Helping disabled guests or the elderly to ensure their safety.

Ensuring all the event’s rules and policies are applied.

Assisting latecomers in finding a seat without any disruption.

As we said, ushers are the first faces people encounter at venues, so choosing them wisely will promote the success of your event. 

An ushering services company will help you find the best fit and the most representable ushers.

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