Cost of billboard advertising in Egypt , billboards in egypt price

The billboards in Egypt depends on the city ,either it is located in high way or inside the city

The current population of Egypt is 105,373,827 as of Sunday, January 30, 2022, based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data also Cairo polulation is 21,322,750 in 2021 which means that the advertiser will get a good impact from the outdoor advertising campaign.

A list of the best highways in Cairo Egypt to advertise in :

1- October bridge

2- Ring Road

3- Suez Road

4- 26th of July corridor

5- Salah Salem

6- El nasr road

7- El moushir tantawy axis

8- Corniche Cairo

9- El Wahat Road

10- Emtedad Ramsis

11- Autodtrad Cairo

12- El Thawra

13- 15 May bridge

cost of outdoor advertising in egypt

Billboards in Egypt price

Mega billboards in Egypt in 2022 start with 100,000 EGP till 300,000 EGP Depending on the location and the size also

Double Decker billboard in Egypt starts with 280,000 EGP till 500,000EGP

unipole billboard in Egypt starts with 150,000 to 250,000 EGP

3x4 meters billboard in Egypt starts with 10,000 EGP till 20,000 EGP

Lamp posts outdoor advertising in Egypt start with 1200 EGP till 3000 EGP

The prices also change every year the mentioned price is for 2023 per month

VAT also added on the previous prices which are 14%, printing prices according to the type and it is also changing every month according to the US Dollar price vs the Egyptian pound

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