What is graphic design?

What is graphic design?

Animated content is very attractive for the audience who are watching because it triggers nostalgia and excitement which attracts people to watch the content happily. Businesses that realize this have created animated videos to explain their products/ services or even videos that explain what the company is about to their audience.

Visual content in general is much easier to attract the attention of the audience and making the visual content animated only increases the attraction to the content and makes the information said in the video much easier to understand.

But what is 2D graphic design?

2D graphic design or just graphic design is the visual presentation and organization of solutions to a problem that was done creatively after research or brainstorming was done to come up with the answer to the problem.

Basically this means that graphic designers would understand first what the client wants to present and the message they want to deliver and then come up with creative ways or ideas or story lines to present the message animatedly or visually, appealing to the audience.

Following the basics of graphic design makes the content very attractive and gives it a depth that is not present in the other unprofessional graphic designs presented to the audience. Graphic design definition, according to a book titled “graphic design as communication” written by Malcolm Barnard, is a form of visual communication that includes illustration, typography, photography, layout, packaging design, book design, newspaper and magazine design, corporate design, website design, and animated videos that are 2 dimensions.

Fun fact: People remember animations 21 days longer than static images and text.

Types of 2D graphic design

There are 2 types of graphic design and they are called Bitmap graphic design and Vector graphic design.

  1. Bitmap graphic design: Also known as raster, this is the type where the visual content is created from small dots called pixels. Adobe Photoshop uses pixels.

The advantages of this type are that files can be saved as a jpeg and used in many programs. They can be easily manipulated in Photoshop, social media graphics, website graphics, and many other low-resolution projects.

The disadvantages of this type are that it can’t be scaled up. It can also be difficult to change the color.⠀

      2. Vector-based graphic design: this type of visual content is created with the joining on vector paths. Shapes also can be used to create objects. Adobe Illustrator uses vector.

The advantages of this type are that the files can be infinitely scaled up, and none of the pixels will be seen. It is also easy to change the colors. Finally, this type can be useful in high-resolution projects, printed materials, and extra-large scale projects.

What is the point of graphic design? 

Using the services of professional graphic designers could have many benefits for your business. Among the many benefits here are 4 very important benefits of graphic design:

  1.  Branding strategy foundation: A good graphic designer will help lay a strong foundation for a strong branding strategy. This includes designing a good logo for the business that matches the vision and mission of the business, designing and printing the marketing material like posters, business cards, banners etc.
  2. Enhance user experience and communication: Users no longer have the attention span that allows them to sit and read books to get the information that they need. Graphic designs can be used to insert the information, message, or idea through attractive graphic designs to the user.

This helps in improving the communication between the business and the customer because the business will easily deliver the content they want to the customer and the customer will easily be able to absorb the information without being burdened with unattractive text.

     3. Enhance brand image and recognition: Graphic designers design logos, images, and graphics that fit in with the business concept. Using those designs that show similar themes shows uniformity and enhances the brand image.

Using the logo or the same theme in all the visual content makes the users recognize the brand because it has strong branding.

     4.  Higher convergence: the more attractive the graphic designs the higher the number of users that visit the business content, resulting in higher chances of convergence. The good graphic design encourages strong branding, which in turn increases the communication and credibility of the brand, all of this helps increase the sales and revenue of the business.

Fun fact: 72% of people would rather watch a video about a brand than reading text about it.

The only disadvantage of this type of graphic design is that it cannot be used in many programs unless you save the file as SVG.

Types of 2D graphic design

Careers in graphic design

There are 4 main careers in graphic design, which are as follows:

1. Brand identity and Logo design: This path of graphic design allows the designer to construct the basic foundation for the business identity. It starts with designing the logo, the color scheme, the concept or theme of the brand, and finally the font and shapes that would be used for branding almost everywhere.

2. Web and Mobile Design: Web design and mobile application design are forms of graphic design that designers can do.

3. Layout and Print Design: Mostly designers who work for print media such as newspapers, magazines, books etc. they try to come up with pleasing aesthetics that attract and deliver the main message to the readers to encourage them to purchase the print media.

Fun fact: 85% of people wish companies would share more videos, rather than create other types of content.

History of graphic design:

According to a book titled “Graphic Design History: Past, Present, and Future” written by Teal Triggs, The history of graphic design was not fairly documented as compared to other forms of design like fashion design. Before 1983 it was just scattered to photography, art, typography, and advertising.

 But in 1983 the first symposium (conference) was held to discuss the history of graphic design and to share information about the events, and individuals who affected graphic design history that it became what they recognized. The main reason for this was to move away from art history and toward recognizing the design history.

What is Entasher.com’s role?

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Careers in graphic design
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