What is a Google advertising? And how does it works?

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What is a Google advertising? And how does it works?

Google is by far one of the most popular search engines around the world. It has around 2.3 million searches performed per second. An individual usually enters keywords related to what they are searching for and the search results come up with various links related to that search.

Some businesses in order to promote their business they use Google ad to appear at the top results of the search engine result page. This allows the individual to click on it and access the link of the business, thus increasing traffic on your webpage. These links are usually tagged with a sign to let the individual know that it is a paid ad and not an organic result.

What is search engine marketing ?

Google ads are basically the advertising program of Google.it is usually done when you plan for a digital marketing campaign 

You can pay to get your web page at the top of the search engine result page, instead of being in the back of the results, this gives you the opportunity to be present on the front page. Making an ad with Google ads can easily help you reach new customers.

This will generate large traffic to your page since a large percentage of people tend to go for the first 3 top search results for the answer they are looking for. This will also help increase the exposure to your webpage as more people will get to see it when they search using the relevant keyword.

By increasing the exposure, more traffic is directed to the webpage, thus increasing the convergence rate. This service can be used when you need to sell a product, or raise awareness. It is also very easy to edit and maintain your Google campaign online. You can decide the budget of the campaign that you want, as well as when it appears, and then easily measure the impact of the advertisement.

What is search engine marketing ?

How search engine marketing works?

Google ads are done in an auction form, when you want your ad to appear for a relevant word there are two things that Google ad auction takes into consideration which are the quality score and the bid amount.

When your webpage has a high-quality score it is more likely to appear at the top of the ads to be more accessible to people, and the cost-per-click will be much lower. Quality score is the result of the relevance of your content, URL, and keyword added to the user experience on the website, the better the user experience the higher the score, this results in the Quality score. Having good quality decreases the cost while increasing the exposure.

How search engine marketing works?

What are the benefits of Google ads?

There are several benefits to Google advertisements, some of them are as follows:

  1. Google reach: with over 5 billion searches per day on Google there are many people who are looking for solutions to their problems that your business could be offering.
  2. Target range: targeting using Google ads is very convenient because you can choose long-tail where general keyword searches are used and reach a large number of audiences and if the targeting is not working well you can retarget and reach the right audience until they convert.
  3. The intent: People who usually browse Google are looking for answers to their questions, or even solutions to their issues. If your company provides such solutions and/or answers then it is better to use Google ads as people are more likely to buy or use the services and products they search for.
  4. Budget and control: Google ads provide full control to the advertiser to edit and start or stop the campaign however they like. There is also no minimum budget for the ads; you decide the suitable budget for you.
  5. Campaign analysis: The analytics of the campaign is very simplified to make it easier for everyone to understand what is going wrong or right and what to work on improving.
What are the benefits of Google ads?

What are the types of Google ads?

There are around 5 types of Google ads that exist, they are as follows:

  1. Search campaign: This is the most commonly known, it appears on the search engine result page with the Ad sign beside it. Ads appear as a result to searching for relevant keywords.
  2. Display campaign: The display campaign allows your ads to be displayed in the form of a banner inside websites that have a partnership with Google which have related content to your ad. Google can also allow you to advertise within their Gmail service.
  3. Shopping campaign: These ads appear either on the top results of the search page as well or in Google shopping page with products that are being sold related to the keyword you search.
  4. Video campaign: Video ads are the ads that appear before the videos on YouTube that you can skip after a few seconds, or wait till the ad is finished; they can be viewed before the YouTube video starts, in the middle of the video, or even at the end of the video.
  5. App campaign: This type of ad like the video ad also falls under the display campaign. This allow Google to advertise your text and assets such as photos on the application instead of designing the individual ad.
What are the types of Google ads?

History of Google Ads

Google ads, formerly known as Google AdWords are the first-ever self-serve online advertising platform to be introduced.  After completing its test trials in 1999 it was officially introduced to the public by October 2000.

Initially, people would go to the platform to place an ad and choose when and how much they are willing to pay for the ad, this would start a bidding session and the person who paid more would end up having their ad on the top of the search result page. This was before the quality score was introduced.

During its first year of release, it was a huge success but it was beaten by the pay-per-click option that yahoo added. Google’s competitive nature made them add the Pay-per-click option and went as far as introducing the bidding based on relevance and the price the advertiser is willing to pay. Later in 2018, it changed from Google AdWords to Google ads.

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History of Google Ads
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