what are the differences between UI and UX designs ?

what are the differences between UI and UX designs ?

Although both the UI and UX designs are mentioned together most of the time, they are very different from each other. UI stands for “User interface” while UX stands for “User experience”. Each one focuses on different aspects of the design.

UX can also apply to a digital as well as a physical design while UI can only refer to the digital design. When looking at the UX design of a website for example the designer focuses on making the website more user-friendly, easier to navigate through, more convenient with very limited problems.

On the other hand, UI designers look at the aesthetic of the website, the overall look, the colors, the text, and all the layout of the website. This is the more creative side of designing a website, with a limited look at the technicality. It is important for the website to look attractive in order to attract people to browse through it.

What is UX design?

UX stands for “User experience” which focuses on providing relevant and meaningful experiences for users. A UX designer usually focuses only on the why, what, and how of the product use. The concerns of the UX designer are to build a product that has an interactive design, allows user research, and different scenarios.

UX designers also design wireframes and prototypes for the products, and they also cover the information architecture of the product. This is the more technical side of the design process that needs focusing on to build a user friendly and interactive product.

What is UX design?

What is UI design?

UI stands for “User interface” which is a process that the designer goes through to make sure that the product is easy to use and is enjoyable. The design and layout of the entire product needs to be easy to navigate through in order to provide the user with the most attractive product that would encourage the user to interact with it.

The user interface is the access point where the user interacts with the design. There are three formats for it and they are as follows:

  1. Graphic UI (GUI): this is where the user interacts with a visual representation on a digital control panel for example the desktop can be considered as GUI.
  2. Voice-controlled UI (VUI): these are interfaces that allow the user to interact by giving voice commands for example Siri in the iPhone, and Alexa by Amazon.
  3. Gesture-based interface: the interaction occurs between the user and the interface through body motion for example Virtual reality games.
What is UI design?

Difference between UX and UI design

There are a few differences between both UI and UX design although they both work well and complete each other; some of the differences are mentioned below:

Differences between

UX design

UI design

  • Focuses on the full user experience on the website.
  • Needs the website to be practical and convenient as well as easy to navigate through.
  • Good UX means a good foundation for the website with great features and functions for the user to navigate.
  • Focuses on the overall design and layout of the website.
  • Needs the website to look attractive and appealing
  • Good UI means a good website that can present the image of the business.
Difference between UX and UI design

History of UI and UX Designs how it is started ?

Since ancient china and the existence of Feng Shui which focuses on arranging things to be harmonious, and fluid, so the Chi (energy flow) could freely flow and thus creating positive energy in the place, whether it be an office, a building or in this case a website.

To ensure the convenience, user-friendly, and organized harmonious website that would allow the users to be comfortable while browsing and thus resulting in the users coming back again. This is supposedly the first relation to UX design in history.

The first ever UX designer is believed to be Walt Disney who was obsessed with the idea of creating the best user experience for people who are visiting Disney world. This was done in 1966 where the design of the layout was considered pure genius.

Later in the 1970’s Xerox started working on the user experience and graphical user interface and later in the 1980’s Apple introduced the first mass-market PC Macintosh with graphical user interface, a built-in mouse and screen and since then Apple has been a pioneer for user experience and user interface.

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History of UI and UX Designs how it is started ?
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