What is Software development?

Every digital device has software installed on it to make sure that it functions in a certain type of way. Some devices may even have multiple software, each containing a different set of instructions for example anti-virus software, gaming software, communication software, etc.

Software development is a trend with many requests going through to professionals in different fields not restricted to any single field to develop software for companies or even individuals. There are also various types of software that are used to control the computer which will be discussed later in the article.

The process of software development involves a variety of activities related to computer science to create, design, deploy and support software. The software itself is a set of instructions that are programmed into devices to instruct them on what to do. The software can be developed and installed on various devices that are programmable.

Some software can also be programmed but some cannot be programs an example of software that can be a program are internet browsers such as Google Chrome, and even Microsoft office programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Other software that does not count as programs are operating systems such as Android, and utilities like the screen saver. 

7 types of Software Development

1- It is web development; this type focuses on developing web pages that are available on the internet.

2-  Mobile app development; this type focuses on developing applications for mobile devices that are available on various operating systems such as Android and iOS.

3-  Data science; where the software is able to help with the analytical approach towards any data that the normal human cannot find value in.

4-  Software tool development; this type is where developers come up with new tools and then pass them on to other developers to test if they are helpful in software development.

5-  Called back-end development; this is where most of the developing behind the scenes happen, back-end developers focus on database, server programming language, and architecture of development, they also solve issues with the software.

6-  Security software development; this type of software is mainly used for hacking but in a positive way where people hack into the system to test it to minimize penetration, theft, and harmful viruses.

7-  Cloud computing; the developer of cloud computing focuses on building cloud storage applications that would allow people to upload and save files on the cloud.

There are other types of software developments but the seven mentioned above are the most common and well-known types of software developments done by digital marketing agencies

7  types of Software Development

History of software development

Many opinions have differed as to how software development has started, some say that it started in 1810 when Joseph Marie Jacquard designed a system of holes that are punched in a card to guide the pattern to be used in making clothes, this technique was adopted to program early computers, including those made by IBM, Elliott, and GEC.

Other people believe that software development began in1843 when Ada Lovelace created a rudimentary system that allowed sequences to be designed to give instructions to specific gears and shafts.

But the real breakthrough came in 1947 when George Boole linked between logic and math and later in 1948 Claude Shannon wrote a thesis paper that binary logic can be used in computing. In 1949 John Mauchly developed ShortCode which is the first programming language for electronic computer devices, its only problem is that to input statements the user needed to change it to 1’s and 0’s by hand.

But in 1951 Grace Hopper wrote the first compiler which changed the 1’s and 0’s to statements making the process much faster. Finally, in 2003 the lean development method which is used by most software developers today was introduced in Mary and Tom Poppendieck's book called ‘Lean software development’ that lean development can be applied to software development.

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History of software development
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