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Located in Beirut, Lebanon

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Leoceros is a multi-disciplinary creative agency located in Lebanon & Australia, and operating worldwide. We create and visualize ideas that engage, educate, and entertain the world through comprehensive and effective approaches, whilst inspiring our team with a culture of creativity and continuous challenge. Simply, we believe that digital transformations are the key to a successful business and we deliver solutions with excellence, innovation and care. With more than 10 years of local and international experience in the NGO field, we put the power of technology to work for humanity by providing non-profit organizations with the digital tools they need to effectively implement their projects. Our services include graphic design, WordPress websites development, production and digital marketing.


Created For Wingo , On 2021

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We have produced motion graphic animations that enhanced Wingo’s social media launch campaign and made it much more interactive and engaging. The animations included a short video on how to use the Wingo app, and several short videos announcing their partners and promos.

Wingo has had a rise in social media engagements as a result of our motion graphics videos.

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