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Located in Cairo, Egypt

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Since we believe that providing unique and different values to the marketing field is better than any other gains, we decided to start this agency with new standards andapproaches. DPM is always looking forward to offeringdifferent qualities to clients, contributing in their success, and empowering them.

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Created For Sarhan Obesity Clinic - Dr. Mohamed Diaa Sarhan , On 2020

A video production campaign consisting of three videos of three stories, the main point being that there's no need to lie to cover up your situation with bariatric surgery.

حملة إعلانية عبارة عن 3 فيديوهات ل3 قصص مختلفة لتوصيل فكرة إنه مفيش لازمة للتحوير عشان تحسن موقفك مع جراحات السمنة.

Second Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IY6P69QChWA&list=PL_igyNf8kCiYIdBH2WnCYleZx_N43EWbq&index=2

Third Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Abel4UeZiCY&list=PL_igyNf8kCiYIdBH2WnCYleZx_N43EWbq&index=3

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