Another Kick From KICKERS GKHair Egypt | Mai Selim | Summer campaign

Another Kick From KICKERS GKHair Egypt | Mai Selim | Summer campaign

Not long after KICKERS wowed us with several resonating digital campaigns for various market leaders in different industries, they strike again with a digital advertising campaign for GKhair that speaks core, engages the audience, and entertains.


What makes this campaign a success is a combination of many factors, ranging from concept to songwriting, music, sets, and execution. All elements played remarkably well together. It is quite distinguished how they tailor every creative concept with tactical thinking and a strategy that never strays from the products’ unique selling points.

We’re not surprised since we have never seen KICKERS miss a shot.

GKHair Egypt | Mai Selim | Summer campaign

GKHair Egypt | Mai Selim | Summer campaign

This product (GKhair) is catered towards the female population; therefore, with no going around the bush, the KICKERS team comes up with a story that helps with showcasing the whole product range while playing directly on the female’s urge to improve her hair. 

While this campaign is giving us a nostalgic vibe of some sort - it is taking us to back then when advertisements were pretty much about the hype and the catchy song- , it is very far from superficial because it speaks clearly of women’s eagerness for prettier hair, and of their concerns over losing its spark.

Another significant factor that makes this campaign a smash within its target audience is the fact that KICKERS stayed very true to the pains that women struggle with when it comes to keeping their hair healthy. This mainly lies in the Ad's opening sentence that says: a lot of girls are asking me how I got my hair back on track.

While it seems simple and plain, the choice of words is actually extremely bright because this question is always all over the digital platforms that cater to women, and it draws so much attention from the female segment.

All in all, what we are trying to say is that KICKERS will continue to perform with a strategy that is extremely focused and holistic, and that is why they will never fail to impress.

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