Subscribing to Entasher's annual package remains a cost-effective choice compared to hiring a new business development employee for several reasons

Lower Overheads:  When you hire a new employee, you must consider their salary, benefits, workspace, equipment, and training costs. These expenses can add up quickly and often exceed the annual subscription fee.

No Recruitment Costs:  Finding and hiring the right employee can be a time-consuming and costly process, involving expenses for job postings, interviews, and background checks. Entasher's subscription is a fixed, known cost.

Immediate Access:  Subscribing to Entasher gives you instant access to a network of potential clients and leads. In contrast, onboarding a new employee can take time before they start generating leads and revenue.

Predictable Expenses:  The annual package fee is predictable and can be budgeted for, whereas hiring an employee can lead to variable expenses due to unforeseen costs and benefits.

Efficiency:  Entasher's platform is designed to streamline lead generation and client acquisition. It offers tools and features to help you reach potential clients more efficiently than an employee working alone.

Access to a Wider Network: connects you with a broad network of potential clients, possibly expanding your reach beyond what a single employee could achieve.

Lower Risk:  There's no risk of employee turnover or the costs associated with it. Entasher's subscription is stable, ensuring continued access to potential clients.

No Training Period:  New employees typically require a training period to become productive. With Entasher, you can start engaging with potential clients immediately.

Flexibility:  You can choose from different subscription plans on Entasher to match your specific needs and budget, whereas hiring an employee involves a fixed salary commitment.

Performance Metrics:  Entasher provides data and analytics to measure the effectiveness of your subscription, allowing you to track ROI. Evaluating an employee's performance can be more subjective and challenging.

In summary, Entasher's annual package offers a cost-effective, efficient, and low-risk alternative to hiring a fresh business development employee. It provides immediate access to potential clients, predictable expenses, and the flexibility to adapt to your unique business requirements.

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