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What is a communication plan? And how to write an effective communication plan?

What is a communication plan?

In brief, a communication plan is a roadmap of how you’ll communicate important keynotes and information to stakeholders. This plan includes what messages will you deliver, on what channels will you be communicating this info, and to whom are you delivering those messages. 

Communication plans are beneficial to share info about new products, services, or initiatives. It’s also beneficial to clarify misconceptions about your products and your reputation or even communicate with stakeholders during a time of crisis. 

So, how can you write an effective communication plan?

Understand your current situation 

Start with auditing your current communications and looking for gaps. Then make sure the topics you choose to communicate align well with your goals. It’s helpful to look for solutions for those communication gaps with your audience by doing surveys and asking them what they think would be better. 

Understand your audience 

The next step is to identify who are you communicating with to make the messages as tailored as possible. For example, if you’re communicating with your employees, your messages will be different from those communicated with your customers. 

Then decide what tools or methods will you use to communicate with your audience. 

Start planning 

Now after deciding who are your audience, what messages will you deliver, outline the plan the following: 

A purpose of the communication plan 

What do to and what to avoid 

Who is responsible for what 

Choose a channel 

As we said, understanding your target audience will help you determine what to say and how to say it. It will also help you choose a channel to reach your audiences, such as emails or meetings. So choose a channel that fits communicating with your audience in the best way. 

Evaluate results 

After sharing the communication plan with stakeholders, determine what was successful and what needs to be improved. Also, monitor the language you used in your communications and the emotions they evoked. Then rephrase if you found words that reflect negativity or stress. 

In conclusion, your communication plan needs to have the information described clearly to the target audience. And you should reevaluate your communication plans from time to time to ensure that you’re up to date. 

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