5 Types of Brand Ambassadors

By: Sarah Atef

5 Types of Brand Ambassadors

Have you seen Cristiano Ronaldo promoting Talabat? This is what brand ambassadors are in a nutshell. They promote brands or products to increase brand awareness and drive sales. They don’t necessarily have to be celebrities, influencers -be of any type- can do the job as well. 

There are also other titles brand ambassadors are known for such as brand advocates, brand associates, and brand ambassadors. 

Let’s take a look at the types of brand ambassadors:

Celebrity ambassadors

Celebrity endorsement is advertising products using the celebrity’s fame. When companies choose celebrities to be their ambassadors, they’re hoping to sell with the help of celebrities' fanbase that already exists. This is why it’s important to choose a celebrity that people can associate with your brand positively. 

Customer ambassadors 

Those are loyal customers who talk about your brand on social media without getting paid. Using customers as brand ambassadors is great since customers will feel they’re getting honest recommendations from others who are customers like them. 

Influencer ambassador 

Nowadays, brands turn more to influencers, YouTubers, Tiktokers, etc than celebrities since the audience connects with them more.  Customers consider their opinions influential, so hiring them for your campaign can increase brand awareness and drive sales. 

Affiliate ambassadors

They are similar to influencers since they promote brands on social media. They often share affiliate links that help the brand track its sales. However, they normally receive a commission for selling your products. Affiliate ambassadors can be influencers or loyal customers.

Community ambassadors

Those types of ambassadors are normally not paid since they promote charitable organizations or public services. The audience considers them reliable, and they follow their actions. 


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