New Aswan city incorporates the brand identity project for Egyptian Governorates

New Aswan city incorporates the brand identity project for Egyptian Governorates

Egypt has started working on a new project called the brand identity of the Egyptian governorates where they showcase the identity of the governorate throughout its streets, tourist attraction sites, the airport, train station, and consumer goods.

The project is ongoing in New Aswan city but the ministries of defense, interior, and housing were urged by Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to be complete before January 15, 2022.

The brand identity project depicts the identity of the Aswan governorate through artworks that are present on museum entrance tickets, shopping bags; even staff at the tourist attraction sites had uniforms designed in the traditional attire. The artistic images that are seen throughout the governorate were dedicated to Egypt by youth from the German University in Cairo (GUC).

Why choose Aswan?

Aswan is called the land of gold for the reason that it is rich in gold in its natural form, its sand is golden in color as well as its sun is a bright golden color. Moreover, Aswan has many tourist attraction locations including ancient temples, and museums, not to mention a very rich history with many ancient Egyptian treasures.

The first phase of New Aswan city was inaugurated by Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi in December 2021, during the inauguration he visited the city making sure that all the places were up to the standards and the projects that were included in the city were implemented. Some of the projects included nurseries, post office, school, health unit, and many more facilities.

Why choose Aswan?

What is the identity project?

The identity project is supposed to preserve the brand identity of the governorate and demonstrate it in various ways mainly artistic such as through drawings. The identity is supposed to be constant throughout the cities of the governorate which shows the traditions, the beauty, and the greatness of the governorate.

The brand identity project does not only showcases the great history of the city or the ancient accomplishments of Egypt but also mixes with it the advancement and development of Egypt today.

What is the identity project?

How was the identity project planned and implemented?

The project started with extensive research in the New Aswan city to identify the locations, and other necessary logistics. The second step of the project was to design the logo for the brand identity of New Aswan city.

The logo that was made has a simple modern design with hieroglyphic symbols such as a necklace that represents "Gold" and a dot that represents the golden sun of Aswan.

The third step for the brand identity of New Aswan city was to identify the colors that will be used throughout the art pieces and drawings for consistency. Four colors were chosen which represent Aswan.

The colors chosen are blue which represents the river Nile, gold for the gold and sand of Aswan, the red color for the warmth and kindness of the people of Aswan, and finally green to represent nature.

The brand identity of the city is present throughout the usual course of any tourist visiting Aswan. The identity representation journey starts from the beginning when tourists and visitors arrive at the airport or at the train station where they are greeted by the art that will show them the beauty of the city.

Many marketing and advertising channels are utilized so that all around the city on billboards, or small advertising spaces there are also various representations of the brand identity of the city.

While at the temples in Aswan the entrance tickets are also designed to match the theme of the brand identity which can be kept as souvenirs with the tourists. The workers at the temples as well have uniforms that are designed based on the color and them of the project to make it more comfortable for the tourist to identify who to talk to for help.

In Museums and temples, there are also guides and info panels that help the tourist or visitor with getting the information that they need. After the completion of the tour and heading back to the hotel the tourist can ride in public transportation such as the taxi, bus, or even felucca which also has designs that showcase their identity on them. Finally, consumer goods would be able to also reflect the arts, graphics, and drawings that display the identity of Aswan.

The project is expected to enforce the image of Egypt and its civilization whether the ancient Egyptian one or the modern Egyptian civilization to the tourists while in Egypt and while outside of Egypt. The goods and the entrance tickets can be kept and saved as souvenirs for tourists to take them back to their country and show others outside of Egypt. has over 30 corporate identity and branding companies in Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Saudi ArabiaQatar Bahrain that provide media casting services to their clients. The agencies provide high-quality services with excellent results for their clients. To view the agencies that provide branding services on please visit:

How was the identity project planned and implemented?
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