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Located in Cairo, Egypt

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Limelite is a contemporary branding and visual communications agency based in Cairo, Egypt. We are widely known for uplifting brand strategies, creating novel designs and working on providing a creative flare in any industry. We strive on raising the bar and bringing an ethically-driven and mindful marketing approach to Egypt’s digital and offline domains, whilst remaining relevant and providing outstanding quality for our diverse set of services that include consultation, content and design. COOPERATIVE IN OUR METHODS, PRAGMATIC IN OUR END RESULTS, TRANSPARENT IN OUR COMMUNICATION, SENSITIVE ABOUT THE ARTS AND HUMOROUS IN OUR INTERACTION. WE ARE LIMELITE.

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Re-branding Zikry

Created For Zikry Pharmacies , On 2018

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The Zikry name was established in 1948 by Dr. Sabry Zikry, the director of the EPS (Egyptian Pharmacists’ Syndicate) at the time. In 1989, the Zikry brand was resurrected at the hands of Hatem Zikry, Dr. Sabry Zikry’s son, and has since grown into the well-known and deeply respected chain of pharmacies found all over Cairo

Limelite was entrusted with the honorable task of rebranding Zikry. After heavy market research, we developed Zikry’s new brand identity, which was coupled with plenty of hard work to convey the change both inside and out.

You can see more about this project on our website limelitellc.com/portfolio/zikrypharmacies/

Re-branding Zikry Re-branding Zikry
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