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We at Glydrs believe that innovation & continuous improvement results in a breakthrough. We support our customers to deliver tremendous value by designing exceptional quality media solutions & helping them craft their stories. Located in Alexandria, Egypt we have been able to help local clients deliver their value as well as international clients who sought us for our unique work and seamless experience.

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Whistled Language Documentary

Created For Great Big Story (CNN) , On 2019

For three centuries, farmers living in the remote mountains of northern Turkey have communicated great distances by whistling. It’s a language called kuş dili that is still used to this day, though fewer people are learning it in the age of the cell phone. It’s also known as bird language, for obvious reasons. Muazzez Köçek lives in Kuşköy, and she is the best whistler in her village. Muazzez shows us how she uses varied pitch frequencies and melodies to translate Turkish vocabulary into whistles with meaning.

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