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Located in Cairo, Egypt

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Limelite is a contemporary branding and visual communications agency based in Cairo, Egypt. We are widely known for uplifting brand strategies, creating novel designs and working on providing a creative flare in any industry. We strive on raising the bar and bringing an ethically-driven and mindful marketing approach to Egypt’s digital and offline domains, whilst remaining relevant and providing outstanding quality for our diverse set of services that include consultation, content and design. COOPERATIVE IN OUR METHODS, PRAGMATIC IN OUR END RESULTS, TRANSPARENT IN OUR COMMUNICATION, SENSITIVE ABOUT THE ARTS AND HUMOROUS IN OUR INTERACTION. WE ARE LIMELITE.

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Restoration Event of Pyramid of Djoser

Created For Ministry Of Tourism & Antiquities , On 2020

Collaborating with The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities was an honor that drove us to create something that lives up to the reputation of our ancestors. We designed all the visual communications used in the reopening event of the Djoser Pyramid (AKA The Step Pyramid of Saqqara), after a period of restoration that lasted for 14 years! The visual communications we worked on portrayed the history of Saqqara and the renovation of its historical sites in an aesthetically pleasing way.

You can find out more about this project on our website limelitellc.com/portfolio/djoserpyramid/

Restoration Event of Pyramid of Djoser Restoration Event of Pyramid of Djoser Restoration Event of Pyramid of Djoser Restoration Event of Pyramid of Djoser
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