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Newlevel Egypt

Located in Cairo, Egypt

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A New Level of Comprehensive Corporate Event Experiences in Egypt and the Middle East. TMC Events Management Team Building – Marketing – Corporate Social Responsibility NewLevel Egypt LLC takes your brand to success. Our comprehensive approach will build your company team, market your product, and put you on the map for corporate social activities. All, of course, with an eye to detail, tailormade to your corporate targets, and memorably executed. We make it happen! At NewLevel Egypt, we make corporate events happen, in Egypt and all over the Middle East. Whether your business is big or small, large, multinational or local SMEs, we deliver. We will assist you in conceptualizing your objectives; we provide comprehensive infrastructural solutions and devise our unique event. Our professional execution will give you that extra sparkle, the smooth implementation, which will stay in people's minds for a long time afterwards.

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Mini Olympic Team Building program

Created For Global Technology , On 2018

120 Participants divided into 12 teams compete with each other in interesting and funny Olympic gamed to win the gold medals 

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